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Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers is complex, there are different programs covering different types of immigration scenarios and frequently changing laws and regulations. Entry requirements for the workers also vary, and depending on each individual case and/or industry, the application process may be detailed and highly technical. We have the proven experience that can assess each company’s requirement and worker’s case and can advise on the most appropriate entry category.

  • We assess if you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment LMIA
  • Facilitate the procedure in the processing of your LMIA application
  • Act as your representative when applying under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
  • Extend a Temporary Worker’s Permit
  • Assist in hiring of workers with a LMIA 
  • Hiring of workers without a LMIA
  • Hiring of workers who has an Open Work Permit
  • Hiring of temporary worker as an in-home Caregiver

We assist in filling out forms, obtaining the appropriate permits, and ensuring applications are submitted correctly. We also monitor the status of your temporary foreign workers, advise when work permits or visas are about to expire, and guide you through the reapplication and/or extension process. We also provide advice when changes to Canadian immigration programs have the potential to impact workers and your business operations.

Benefits of hiring Alexene Immigration and Employment Services as your Immigration Consultant for your business
  • We have In-Depth Knowledge and Expertise
  • Cost Savings and it will save you Time  
  • We Serve Your Best Interests

We can alleviate the stress of understanding the legislation and dealing with government procedures, allowing you to free up time and resources and focus on your core business.

How do Canadian Companies hire a temporary foreign worker? 

There are 3 basic steps to hire a temporary foreign worker:

  • Get a LMIA or submit an offer of employment
  • Have the worker apply for a work permit
  • Tell the worker what to expect from their application
Get a LMIA or submit an offer of employment

First, find out if you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This assessment verifies that there is a need for the job you are offering and that there is no Canadian worker available to do it.

If you don’t need a LMIA, submit an offer of employment and pay the employer compliance fee using the Employer Portal. Provide the offer of employment number you receive to the worker you want to hire so they can apply for their work permit.

Have the worker apply for a work permit

Once you have a LMIA number or offer of employment number, send those details to the worker with the job offer. They need to use this information to apply for a work permit.

If you are exempt from the employer compliance process, send the worker the employment contract.

Tell the worker what to expect from their application

Tell the worker that they will receive a letter of introduction when their work permit has been approved. The actual work permit is issued by a border services officer at the port of entry when the worker arrives in Canada. If the worker is already in Canada and eligible to apply, the work permit will be emailed to them.  

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